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Street photography: week eight

“On your knees please… take a picture from floor level” – Matt Stuart

Wheels and feet

I took this photo some years ago while waiting for a flight at Gatwick Ariport.


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Street photography: week seven

“When you have to shoot: shoot! Don’t talk!” – Il Brutto
Make a picture containing The Good, The Bad and The Ugly – Jens Olof Lasthein

Graffiti fence

I took this photograph while walking to work one morning. Rather than just walking mindlessly, I decided to take my camera and spend my time looking. It is a very simple photograph but it speaks loudly.

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Street photography: week six

“Never overlook a cliche” Artem Zhitenev

Road bike

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Street photography: week five, part two

Here are two other images that work well for this assignment.



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Street photography: week five

“Get lost in a thicket of signs and structures” Wolfgang Zurborn

I found this assignment hard. At first I thought of a typical street with lots of signs and structures, really busy to the eye. I found several images that were full of chaos; lots of lines, angles, colours, shapes, structures and signs. In the end I settled for an image that was relaying a lot of information to the viewer but was still calming to look at.




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