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Street photography: week sixteen

“Wait for the rain, it makes shooting on the street easier and more interesting.” Martin Parr

The Halifax Pride parade in 2008 was wet, but it made it all the more interesting.


This was an interesting shot. When I saw this the rawness of the colours jumped out at me. It was only later did I realise the nature of this image. It’s a good example of how your mind can change the way your perceive what you see.


The wet pavement made this shot a great deal more interesting.

Wet pavement


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Street photography: week fifteen cont.

“Wander aimlessly most of the time” Melanie Einzig

Most of the time when we walk or drive the streets we are thinking of something, our minds are engaged and we are not looking. This is really unfortunate because there is so much to see!

The following images are from a trip to St John’s, Nfld where I wandered the streets aimlessly, just looking.



Plant pots


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Street photography: week fifteen

“Wander aimlessly most of the time” Melanie Einzig

If one wanders the streets without any intention in mind, then one begins to see the street.

Shopping cart

…while wandering the streets of Bath, UK


….while wandering the Public Gardens in Halifax, Canada

Door shadows

…wandering my house on a sunny day

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Street Photography: week fourteen

“Show us the aftermath.” – Maciej Dakowicz

I came across several images that seemed to play to this theme, so I included them all.


Heavy lungs

This image at first appears ugly and distasteful. However it is a good example of how our minds wish to label things we see. If we remove the label ‘cigarette’ then one can see more.


Night after

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Street photography: week thirteen

“Look closer to home.” – Lars Tunbjörk


This photograph isn’t really a street photograph (in that it doesn’t capture life on the street), but it demonstrates very nicely that one doesn’t have to go far to see something that at first may appear ordinary but on a closer look appears extra-ordinary. Here there is a lot texture, shape and simple yet striking colour. Its all about opening our eye and looking.

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