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Street photography: week seventeen

“Take pictures where you’re not comfortable, where you feel exposed, threatened, or morally on the wrong side.” – Mirko Martin

Kids and balls

Children make excellent photographic subjects but I am never at ease when photographing them in public.


I saw these two girls sleeping together at a train station in London. I really wanted to spend some more time looking for hastily took this shot.

Naked bike

The naked bike ride in my hometown of Halifax, NS


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Street photography: week fifteen cont.

“Wander aimlessly most of the time” Melanie Einzig

Most of the time when we walk or drive the streets we are thinking of something, our minds are engaged and we are not looking. This is really unfortunate because there is so much to see!

The following images are from a trip to St John’s, Nfld where I wandered the streets aimlessly, just looking.



Plant pots


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Street photography: week six

“Never overlook a cliche” Artem Zhitenev

Road bike

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