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Street Photography: week thirty-one

“Look for clashing colours – the more lurid the better.” – Bang Byoung-Sang


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Street photography: week twenty-eight

“Go somewhere you haven’t been before – a dog show, a polo match, a monster truck rally – and remember, the interesting things often happen at the fringes away from the main ‘action’.” – Paul Russell.

The three images below were all taken on the periphery.

Bag pipes

Mother and son enjoying the Tattoo parade with some ear protection.

From behind

Although not on the periphery of an event, these beach huts on Brighton seaside front have very colourful fronts and are often photographed from the front. They have a different appeal from behind.

Lets talk

I took this photograph while in Cuzco, Peru at a festival during Easter.

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Street photography: week twenty-seven

“Bend the rules and play tricks with the mind; make documents of moments that have never existed.” – Peter Funch

When these moments occur I find they are full of humour. I really enjoy finding them.

Didn't you know

Glass cars


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Street photography: week twenty-six

“If you’re not sure it’s a picture, shoot it anyway” – Carolyn Drake

These two images, from many others, were occasions when I saw something but was unsure whether to shoot it or not.

I think if one has reached the stage of trying to decide whether to click the shutter, then one has already thought too much about the image and should move on.


Woman with book


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Street photography: week nineteen

“Expose the banalities of the new urban landscape” George Georgiou

“…I am interested in…what the relationship is between a modern planned urban/suburban space and the individual. In other words, planned public space where people can feel comfortable or familiar with but allows people to move through this space without contact, we almost become invisible to each other.” George

Brighton city centre, England

Quebec city

Brighton sea front, England

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Street photography: week eighteen

“Look for a window. Through a window, out of a window, or at the reflections on a window.” – Arif Asci.

These images were all taken during a short visit to Brighton, England.

Behind the curtain


Saturday afternoon

Through a dirty window

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Street photography: week thirteen

“Look closer to home.” – Lars Tunbjörk


This photograph isn’t really a street photograph (in that it doesn’t capture life on the street), but it demonstrates very nicely that one doesn’t have to go far to see something that at first may appear ordinary but on a closer look appears extra-ordinary. Here there is a lot texture, shape and simple yet striking colour. Its all about opening our eye and looking.

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Street photography: week twelve

“Look for the stars, even in broad daylight” Markus Hartel

"Look for the stars, even in broad daylight" Markus Hartel


Opportunistic shooting on the streets of Brighton

"Look for the stars, even in broad daylight" Markus Hartel

Lights at Gatwick

An outcome of spending 4 hours stranded at Gatwick Airport

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