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Street photography: week twenty-seven

“Bend the rules and play tricks with the mind; make documents of moments that have never existed.” – Peter Funch

When these moments occur I find they are full of humour. I really enjoy finding them.

Didn't you know

Glass cars



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Street photography: week sixteen

“Wait for the rain, it makes shooting on the street easier and more interesting.” Martin Parr

The Halifax Pride parade in 2008 was wet, but it made it all the more interesting.


This was an interesting shot. When I saw this the rawness of the colours jumped out at me. It was only later did I realise the nature of this image. It’s a good example of how your mind can change the way your perceive what you see.


The wet pavement made this shot a great deal more interesting.

Wet pavement

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Street photography: week eight

“On your knees please… take a picture from floor level” – Matt Stuart

Wheels and feet

I took this photo some years ago while waiting for a flight at Gatwick Ariport.

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