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Street photography: week twenty-two

“Pick a spot, stay there for an hour and see what unfolds” – Polly Braden

A four-hour delay at Gatwick Airport…with my camera.



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Street photography: week twenty-one

“Be aware of the way the camera compresses a three dimensional world into a two dimensional plane and use that to your advantage” – Nick Turpin



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Street photography: week nine

“Play photographic poker. Look for a pair, two pairs, or three of a kind.” – Siegfried Hansen.


I took this photograph while watching the Canada Day parade.

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Street photography: week five, part two

Here are two other images that work well for this assignment.



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Street photography: week five

“Get lost in a thicket of signs and structures” Wolfgang Zurborn

I found this assignment hard. At first I thought of a typical street with lots of signs and structures, really busy to the eye. I found several images that were full of chaos; lots of lines, angles, colours, shapes, structures and signs. In the end I settled for an image that was relaying a lot of information to the viewer but was still calming to look at.




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Street photography: week four

“Document some evidence of human ingenuity that would otherwise go unnoticed. Do it without including any humans in the picture” Michael Wolf

This is a simple photograph but one that stopped me in the street: contrasting and strong colours with a geometry.


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Street photography: week three

“Take a bus. Do weekly shopping. Pop into a public loo” Nils Jorgensen

I like this image quite a lot. There are striking colours on a grey background and regular shapes and lines of the boxes and fish stall that are broken by the curves of the people. Most of all, it is a brief moment during a weekly shopping excursion.

Red boxes

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