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Street photography: week twenty-eight

“Go somewhere you haven’t been before – a dog show, a polo match, a monster truck rally – and remember, the interesting things often happen at the fringes away from the main ‘action’.” – Paul Russell.

The three images below were all taken on the periphery.

Bag pipes

Mother and son enjoying the Tattoo parade with some ear protection.

From behind

Although not on the periphery of an event, these beach huts on Brighton seaside front have very colourful fronts and are often photographed from the front. They have a different appeal from behind.

Lets talk

I took this photograph while in Cuzco, Peru at a festival during Easter.


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Street photography: week nine

“Play photographic poker. Look for a pair, two pairs, or three of a kind.” – Siegfried Hansen.


I took this photograph while watching the Canada Day parade.

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