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Street photography: week twenty-six

“If you’re not sure it’s a picture, shoot it anyway” – Carolyn Drake

These two images, from many others, were occasions when I saw something but was unsure whether to shoot it or not.

I think if one has reached the stage of trying to decide whether to click the shutter, then one has already thought too much about the image and should move on.


Woman with book



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Street photography: week twenty-five

“Talk to strangers, let them take you to places.” – Mark Alor Powell

Waiting for the elephants

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Street photography: week one

This is the start of a weekly image posting. To start I thought I would follow the Street Photography Now project, “…a collaboration between The Photographers’ Gallery, London, and Sophie Howarth and Stephen McLaren”. Each month, for the past few months leading contemporary street photographers have been posting an assignment on street photography with the aim of creating inspiration to look at the world in a different way. I have saved these and for the next 20 weeks I will post an image suited for each assignment in the hope of creating inspiration for the viewer.

The first assignment was entitled:

” If you can smell the street by looking at the photo, it’s a street photograph” Bruce Gilden

If you can smell the street...

Kochi, India

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